Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rationing Challenge - Day 9

Porridge with honey
Tea; milk

Cup of tea and a cheese scone

A mix of leftovers, followed by nectarines, and jam tarts made with some leftover pastry

Leftovers Jam Tarts

Spiced Beef; fried potatoes; griddled courgettes; watercress 

Beef Rationing

Remaining Rations
Sugar - 2lb 31.5oz
Margarine - 1lb 14oz
Bacon/Ham - 12oz 
Cheese - 11oz 7.5oz 6.5oz
Lard - 6oz 5.7oz 5.3oz
Vegetable suet - 2oz
Tea - 4oz 3.5oz 3.1oz
Meat - 24oz ALL COOKED
Butter - 8oz 7.7oz 7.4oz
Milk - 20pints 17.65pints 15.6pints
Sweets/Chocolate - 12oz 10.7oz 10.1oz
Marmalade - 1lb
Jam - 8oz 6.5oz
Eggs - 8

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