Wednesday, 31 August 2016

33 weeks - A Brief Update

Not a great deal to report this week.

We saw our midwife, and she explained everything she knew about polyhydramnios, but she also recommended that we talk to a Consultant.

As I have maintained all along that I would see a Consultant if any issue arose with my pregnancy, then I could hardly refuse!

Me and Mine - August 2016

The Me and Mine Project

This is likely our penultimate Family Portrait before we become a family of five, and here we are with our best friends. 

Yes, that's right, we couldn't get ourselves organised to do a photo of just the four of us, which doesn't bode well for when we increase! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

32 Weeks - Colostrum

Gaviscon pregnancy heartburn cocktail
Gaviscon - the acceptable pregnancy cocktail
Two new arrivals this week. One more welcome than the other.

First, Heartburn.

It is here.

I thought I'd escaped, but I was wrong.

At least I got into the third trimester before it raised its ugly head.

Must hunt down some cocktail umbrellas to make the Gaviscon bottle a bit more exciting.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

31 Weeks - A Rollercoaster Week

The week began badly. I had a day when I didn't feel the baby move, so, reluctantly, I had to go into the hospital to get checked.

I was a little worried about the baby, but more anxious about going in to the hospital.

It's become a place that terrifies me.

I shouldn't have to feel afraid to go into the hospital. It should be a place of safety and comfort.

When I haven't felt baby move, my worry should be that there might be something wrong with them, not a fear that the need to go into the day unit will be used against me in some way.

Typically, as soon as I lay on the bed to get the CTG straps put on, the baby jumped.

Pilsbury Dough Belly!
Still, I had to lay there for half an hour while  baby's heart rate and movements were monitored. Of course, the little tyke didn't stop moving the entire time, and hasn't since. I've felt more movements since being in, than I have all the rest of my pregnancy!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

30 Weeks - Hope and Despair

When I told my midwife at my first appointment that I would be refusing consultant-led care, I thought that would be it. They would respect my wishes and my pregnancy would progress in a positive manner.

That was 19 weeks ago.

I was wrong.