Friday, 31 January 2014

Mamatography 4 - Me and Mine

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dear beautiful

Not a particularly brilliant photo! But it's rare that we all four appear in the same picture these days, so it has to do :)
We were just about to embark on the long journey home from York where we had become the godparents of my best friend's twins. A great honour and a wonderful responsibility.

This month:

The Hubby has enjoyed...
Snuggles with B when she climbs into our bed at night
Blue-veined Brie
Not being a January-gymmer
Not going to Orlando with work and being able to spend time with the kids instead

I have enjoyed...
Watching Father Brown on iPlayer
The SNS which is enabling M to get her supplements at the breast
Our Close Caboo carrier
Seeing how much B loves M
The huge smiles M gives to B

B has enjoyed...
What Does The Fox Say?
Cuddling her little sister

M has enjoyed...
Her big sister

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  1. What a lovely picture! I also love a good satsuma and a sticker - me and B would be friends! ;)

  2. Wonderful to have you join in with Me and Mine, we are godparents to my little niece in April and I feel so honoured too. xx

  3. Ahh, what a sweet photograph of you all together. Your hubby looks so proud of all his girls.
    It's sad isn't it, how rare it can be to get a whole family photo. That's why its been so lovely doing Me and Mine because it's been giving us a push to make sure we get them regularly. x

  4. Ah, Me and Mine is a nice push to get a family photo every month. It's my first year joining in and that's my motivation as we rarely all end up in one picture too. Lovely photo though.

  5. That's a lovely photo. Congratulations on being Godparents, what a wonderful honour xx

  6. There is nothing better than a baby wearing Dad! Love it!