Monday, 15 February 2016

Siblings - February 2016

The Me and Mine Project

So many funny games they play together now - weddings, light sabre fights, weddings with light sabre fights, doctors, families, and untitled games that basically consist of lots of screaming and pushing each other. And their current favourite, "Trapped," where one of them stands against the wall, saying, "I'm trapped," and the other comes to rescue them, and then they swap. It's delightful to hear them playing so happily together, or to hear nothing and then discover them sat side by side, looking at books. B's leaps forward in reading mean that she can read stories to M now too, which makes me smile. 
Of course, as with all siblings, there are fights. Sharing is still a tough one for them both, and M has worked out exactly how to wind up her sister, as do all younger siblings, the world over! They can't sit next to each other at meal times, because of swinging legs and irritating hands, but sitting opposite one another they make each other laugh so much. They're learning empathy and sympathy, and how to be patient and generous, and to take turns. 
They are such good friends.