Monday, 25 May 2020

This Body

This body
This fat body
Grew you
Birthed you
Fed you

These arms
These fat arms
All bingo wings and stretch marks
Carried you everywhere
Cuddled you as you napped
Stayed awake long nights holding you,
Comforting cries of hunger or pain
Make cakes for you
Still hug you close each day

The legs
These fat legs
Thunder thighs and chub rub

Walked your buggy til you slept
Bounced you on their knees
Paddled with you in the sea
Ran up and down stairs in answer to your call

This bottom 
This fat bottom 
Sat beside your car seat on every journey
Sits in the audience of all your shows
Will sit with you whenever you need me

This stomach
This fat stomach
Stretched and grew to accommodate you
What more does it need to offer 
After that?

This face
This fat, round face
Double chin, hint of a wrinkle,

Sings for you
Answers questions
Watches you grow and learn and live
Will be the face you remember
When you miss home
Or grow old, long after I am gone 

This fat body 
Has served and loved and taught you
Offered itself up
For you

Taught you to be ashamed of me
Told you
Fat is offensive
Fat is embarrassing 
Fat is displeasing 

How did they get to you?
When I have hidden those negative thoughts from you. 
When I have neutralised fat.
Used it as descriptor
Stated it as fact
Never shied away from the truth of my size


Lived each day 
Speaking only good things about my body

Talking up 
Strong legs
And kind arms
Praising the tummy that was your home
Even when everything I see and hear
Seems to say
I am disgusting
Everything people do not want to be
Lazy, greedy, ugly, bad

Who ruined your precious heart? 
Made you look at me and see something to avoid?

Gave you the fear of speaking the word?
Started you doubting
Your own beauty?

I am fat!
Like Ursula
That fabulous sea witch. 
I am fat. 
Let your sister speak it.
She is not afraid of it. 


Deep inside -
And there is a lot of me
So it could be very deep -
I know that
Fear that
Will get to her too. 
And she will turn
And look at me

And feel the same shame
I have felt all my life. 
She will secretly hope to never be like me. 

Dear one
Don’t be that someone. 

Look at me

Look at this
This body
This beautiful 

Damned beautiful 

And love me for who I am
For all that I am
And all that I do
All that I have done and will do 
For you

To love yourself 
Will be
My enduring gift to you. 

©️Laura Moore 2020

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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Review of A Little Something For You

Review of A Little Something For You:

We were super excited to have a big parcel delivered yesterday. What was inside was even more exciting! A gift from their Aunty and Uncle to fill lockdown with some fun, purchased from a great business that started out selling brilliant party bags. With parties being a big no-no these days, A Little Something for You has come up with the brilliant idea to sell Keep Em Busy Boxes. (

The Surprise Boxes come in four sizes and are made up individually, based on the age and interests of the child you’re buying for.

We were so impressed with the obvious care and thought put into each of the kids’ back packs. There were games, toys, activities, crafts, and even the dreaded slime!

The kids were utterly delighted by everything they discovered in their bags. (You can see their “unboxing” video over on my Facebook page.) And I was particularly pleased and surprised when I went into the lounge later to see why everyone was so quiet, only to discover that the TV was playing to an empty room and they’d all gone outside to have an adventure with theirr new backpacks!

If you’re looking for a gift for a child you love, then I would definitely recommend sending one of these Keep Em Busy Boxes. Great value for money, thoughtful, and entertaining.

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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Holy Saturday

At home
On a sunny day - 
Holy Saturday,
When I wouldn’t normally go anywhere
But today can’t anyway -
My thoughts travel back
To that first Holy Saturday
Sabbath day
Limbo day
‘Twixt death and resurrection. 
Broken hearted
Lost and afraid
Longing to leave their homes,
Sunny or not,
When they wouldn’t normally go anywhere.
Sabbath rest enforced.
Longing to put their friend to rest
Eternal rest
Accompanied by perfumes
Spices to disguise the smell of death
And hark back to his birth
And hint at his royalty. 
I see their grief 
And know
That with the morning will come joy. 
Mourning turned to dancing
In the light of love brought back
To life. 
But how dark their future seemed. 
How empty. 
How lonely. 
I sit at home
Busy at home
Safe at home. 
They hid. 
Rested with their grief
Followed the rules 
And planned their dawn visit. 

I long for a seemingly distant tomorrow 
When we can return to the ordinary
Step, blinking, into the streets
And laugh 
And hug
And dance
Together again. 
They longed for a vanished yesterday
When they basked in his extraordinary 
Walked beside the man
Who laughed
And wept with them. 
This isolation will end
As theirs would. 
We hope in reasonable confidence 
That this cannot 
And so we cope and carry on. 
But they somehow found strength
Carried on
When all hope had been destroyed. 
And I am in awe of them for that. 
©️Laura Moore, April 2020

Monday, 23 March 2020

Home Education During A Pandemic

What strange times we find ourselves living in now. Two weeks ago I was very much in the minority, and now I find myself just one of many parents educating their children at home.

Schools are closed to all but the children of key workers and those whose home lives are unsafe. And so thousands of parents are tasked with ensuring their children are occupied and learning at home.

We seasoned home educators are isolated now too. We’re not used to being forced to stay home. Many spend their days out and about, taking classes, visiting museums, meeting with friends and family. We’ve lost those experiences too, so please know that home education isn’t really what you’re experiencing now.

We’ve also never had so many awesome resources to draw from. The upside for us of so many being forced into home education is the number of companies offering free or reduced subscriptions; clubs and groups running classes online; and museums and zoos opening their virtual doors to us all. It has reignited my love for home education! But, again, know that this isn’t normal for home education. We usually have to buy our own resources, source classes that suit our children and their varied ages, and pay for educational trips out. There is no government support for the elective home educator.

But none of this means that you can’t get a taste of the freedom and joy of home education.