Thursday, 30 April 2015

Me and Mine 2015 - April

 dear beautiful me and mine

Here we are. Snuggled up on the settee, with duvet and pillows, at 4 in the morning. April has been the month of illness, so this picture is perfect. B had tonsillitis and was needing some paracetamol. I was feeding M, so woke the Hubby to deal with B; he sat up and promptly fell off the bed, attracting M's interest! And when he and B left the bedroom to go downstairs, M went hysterical, so seeing as everyone was awake, and there was little chance of getting anyone back to sleep, we all bundled downstairs to watch a film.

My Thoughts on Things Family photo

M was poorly the week before - teething and whatever virus B didn't manage to fight off - so it's been a pretty sleepless month. But, hey, we're still smiling!

There have been good times too. We had a great Easter with my family, and saw them all again, a few days later, when my niece and her mum came to stay with my parents. It was so lovely to see B and M running around and playing with their cousin, and amusing to listen to B and S - only 2 weeks between them - each complaining about how the other wouldn't share. 

My Thoughts on Things Family Photo

I'm including this photo, because it's my extended Me and Mine - my parents, siblings and niece, all together for the first time in a very long time.

This month:

The Hubby has enjoyed...
Cuddles with the girls
The appearance of the sun
Seeing Easter through B's eyes
His new exercise regime
Having no back problems

I have enjoyed...
Seeing my niece
Getting out in the garden
Making a Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles Cake
Hearing all of M's new words
Discovering new a new (to us) National Trust location
B's drawings of us

B has enjoyed...
Egg and Spoon races over Easter
Eating chocolate star cereal
Gardening with Granddad
Painting a magical forest, a monkey and a butterfly 
Playing with her cousin
Reading Fantastic Mr Fox with Daddy

M has enjoyed...
Using a spoon
Watching The Gruffalo
Jumping on the trampoline 
Climbing things
Listening to our Colin Buchanan album

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

52 Weeks of Memories | 17: Colour

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories

Organic Vegetables

My favourite colour is green. It's calming, it's fresh, and it's peaceful. I wore green shoes at our wedding. And our organic veg box this week was full of vibrant green produce, just begging to be turned into nutritious and tasty meals. So far we've had leek and potato soup, and I used half the asparagus in a risotto, while the rest was steamed and buttered to go with pork in a creamy mushroom sauce. It's been good to see both girls get their appetites back. And even better to see B choose to try a vegetable, and like it! Though I think her interest was piqued when she heard that it might turn her wee bright green!

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Monday, 27 April 2015

To My First Nursling

Little One, 

Today I realised that I don't remember the last time you nursed. I didn't savour it. Didn't take the time to reminisce our journey together. Did I rush you to finish? Did I stroke your hair?

Why didn't I notice you had stopped? After three and a half years, it was so everyday, so normal, I didn't even think. 

New mum breastfeeding baby
I was so excited to feed you
While I was having a hard time, nursing your teething sister, there you were, slowly growing up, without telling me.

We learnt breastfeeding together. We both fought for you to have my milk. I battled with ignorant doctors; you refused to give up nursing when there was so little milk there. We spent hours latching and relatching. You had your tongue tie snipped and fed for seven hours solid. You chose feeding from me over the easy meal from a bottle, weaning from those at eleven months. It wasn't an easy start, not by

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

52 Weeks of Memories | 16: Favourite

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories


It's been a long week. M was poorly and teething, and then B got tonsillitis. We've not had much sleep, and we've not got much done in the house. My favourite moment of this week happened when I had managed to get both girls to settle in front of a film for a bit, so that I could get some washing done and make some food. I came back to the lounge to find this scene: M had her arm around a very poorly B. Such kindness.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

On Education

school photo
My Year 1 Class Photo
The reality of our decision to home educate hit me during the past few days, as I watched my Facebook feed fill up with posts about school places. We haven't even looked at schools near us, let alone found out when places needed to be applied for, so discovering that all that decision making had bypassed us was a bit of a surprise. If B was going to go to school, she would be starting in September, despite only being a few days over 4 years old. That was something I never wanted for her. Compulsory school starting age is the term after a child turns 5. That would be the following September for B, and yet, we would have had a fight on our hands to get the go ahead for her to start Reception at age 5.

Today I read this article entitled 8 reasons why summer babies face an uphill battle at school and in life.

Statistically, summer born children do worse at school than their autumn born classmates. They're at a higher risk of ending up on SEN registers. They are more likely to lack confidence and be unhappy at school. This isn't because of the time of year that they were born, but due to the huge difference in development and ability between them and their classmates who are almost a year older than they are. A year's difference in age is 25% of a 4 year old's life. That's a big difference.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Siblings - April 2015

dear beautiful

The past month has seen M make some big leaps in development, which in turn has deepened the relationship between her and B. M has started to say a few more words, and her pronunciation of "B" has become quite clear. It's a joy to hear her shout it out frequently through the day. Her little face lights up whenever her big sister walks into the room, and cuddles are no longer initiated only by B; M has become a big hugger and loves to snuggle with B. It's incredibly cute!


There is a huge amount of laughter now. So much that B does makes M laugh hysterically. It's very difficult not to join in. And M is beginning to work out how to make other people laugh. We're sure she's the funniest person we've met, and B certainly thinks so too. They play together as well. I sometimes find them sat quietly together, both interested in what the other is up to, happily sharing a toy like the dolls' house or the building blocks. Of course, more often there are shouts and tears of frustration when one or the other has snatched a toy away, but B is learning to offer trades of more interesting toys in order to get hers back. M, understandably, thinks that anything B is playing with must be super amazing and so she wants it. There are brilliant games of chasethat go on too. I hear the thud of their feet running from one room to another, with screams of excitement and laughter as they catch each other. My heart is in my mouth when I hear them running on the upstairs landing - neither seem to have any fear!
Both girls help each other too. B cleans M's face and hands after meals; M fetches B's shoes for her when it's time to go out. It really is beautiful to see how much they love each other. I pray they always will.

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52 Weeks of Memories | 15: Reading

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories

Toddler reading

M "reading" her menu - almost as big as she is - when we went out for dinner with family. She loves to copy the grownups. 

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Monday, 13 April 2015

What is Attachment Parenting?

I've been asked several times recently what Attachment Parenting is, having shared various articles on my Facebook page, and writing about aspects of it here.

So, if you're new to Attachment Parenting, or you want to know what the heck I'm talking about, or you're looking to find out more about different ways to bring up children, then hopefully I'll be able to help.

Cosleeping Bedsharing Dad
Safe bedsharing promotes bonding
Attachment Parenting is a way of raising children that focuses on fostering closeness between parent and child, through respectful feeding practices, bedding close to baby, nurturing touch, responsiveness and balancing the needs of all family members. Attachment Parents are baby-led, respecting a newborn's needs for proximity and near-constant touch. 

The term 'Attachment Parenting' was coined by Dr. Sears to describe the philosophy based upon Attachment Theory. 

The general elements of Attachment Parenting are:

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

52 Weeks of Memories | 14: Easter

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories

Easter family meal

My whole family were together to celebrate Easter. Mum's lamb & plum casserole, followed by chocolate cake and ice cream. Laughter. Wine. Chocolate. And egg & spoon races at the park. Soul food. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Mother’s Passion

Mary holding baby Jesus' foot

Feet I kissed
Tiny toes counted
Now it is lashes, falls, bones that are numbered
Feet pierced and bloodied

I held you
Carried you on my hip
Slept beside you at night
Our bodies curved to fit perfectly 
Nursed away teething pain
Spent long hours soothing, singing, swaying 

Now you are held by nails
No way for me to offer comfort or release
It is your lifeless form I shall hold against my breast
Willing my broken heart to raise you up
Long hours of pain, agony, searing loss

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

52 Weeks of Memories | 13: Sharing

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories


Preschooler gardening with Granddad

Granddad sharing his gardening knowledge with B, as Spring tries to poke her head out. The rain moved the gardening indoors though!

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