Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me and Mine - September 2015

dear beautiful me and mine

September saw us taking our summer holiday - a week of absorbing history and culture in Warwickshire, as well as a trip to the Black Country Living Museum. Here we are enjoying our Victorian Fish & Chips! It was so good to have a week together, away from home, enjoying each others' company and making memories.

Friday, 18 September 2015

To the Mum Who Rugby Tackled Her Four Year Old at Soft Play...

Dear Embarrassed Mum at Soft Play,
That rugby tackle - impressive. The Rugby World Cup starts today - have you been in training? That was a pretty admirable turn of speed you put on there. I saw your daughter running away every time she spotted you. I heard you give her the five minute to departure warning, and watched her pay absolutely no attention. I witnessed her run into the baby section with her shoes on. You were pretty embarrassed, but I don't think there were many people watching you. Well done for not shouting. 
Four year olds, eh? Hard work, right? And you had another child too. I bet you wonder why you bother going out when they take no notice of you, and refuse to leave when it's time. But keep doing it. You've come this far - don't give up now. I know your introverted self would like to stay at home, where all flaws and disobedience are kept private. No judgemental parents looking on and thanking their particular deity that their children come when called. Though, again, I'm fairly certain no one else was that aware of what was going on, and even more certain that all of the other parents there have children who behave like children too!
She was just having so much fun. She'd made some new friends and they were enjoying themselves. It's totally understandable that she wouldn't want to go home. She doesn't understand time the way you do. She doesn't get that that extra time spent playing means a later bedtime for you tonight because you have so much to do. And no one ever died of embarrassment, otherwise there would be no adults in the world after the embarrassing time that is adolescence and puberty!
The kids will sleep in the car, so take ten minutes to yourself when you get back. Chill. Breathe. Get some perspective. 
All is well. Your strong willed, confident, independent four year old will grow into a strong willed, confident, independent woman. That rugby tackle was a necessity. No one got hurt, and you managed to leave soft play with a bit of dignity and without being told you must never return. Even if you did have a little cry before driving home. 
Love Laura 
P.s. That Embarrassed Mum is me - I just needed someone to give me a bit of T.L.C. and a pep talk.