Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mamatography 21 - Me and Mine May

dear beautiful
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The first of our monthly family photo comes from the middle of the month. M likes to have her tongue stuck out all the time, so in a bid to make her look less unusual, we all stuck our tongues out!

Then at the end of the month we went for a fun photo booth shoot. Not the easiest of adventures, but fun!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Baby Led Weaning - Week 3: Poo

I promised you a poo post, so here goes!

When B started solids, we had great fun spotting what she'd eaten the day before appearing in her nappies. A bit of broccoli here, a mushroom there, and I even watched her poo a green bean once, which was totally hilarious. So we were very much expecting this to happen with M too. However, within a day or two of starting her journey with solids, M's poos had become more formed, solid, unlike the breastmilky poos she'd been having since we'd sourced a regular milk donor for her supplements. I don't know whether she's digesting her food properly or doing a fantastic job of mashing the food up with her gums. I'm still waiting on a whole slice of courgette that I watched her swallow though! And now that she has 1 tooth, and a second about to emerge, it will be interesting to see how her poos change.

From her birth until she started solids, M has been an irregular and infrequent pooer - once to twice a week at most, but not constipated or struggling. They were formed whilst she was on formula supplements, with the odd runny, seedy, breastmilky poo here and there, and then all breastmilky when she was solely having breastmilk. Once M began solids, she began doing 3-4 poos a day, which was exciting and annoying in equal parts - I'm not a fan of poo!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Mamatography 19 - 6 Months On

M is 6 months old today. The time has flown by. She's a delight and we all love her a lot. She has been breastfeed with the aid of donor milk and some formula administered with a supplemental nursing system. She cut her first tooth yesterday and has been on solids for nearly three weeks. And only a few of the fears I had about caring for two children have been realised, though being a mother of two really is a whole different ball game!

Here's what I have learned over the past 6 months:

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Baby Led Weaning - Week 2

M is seriously loving food! Here's a run down of what she's eaten this week, with some beautifully messy photos:

Breakfast - buttered toast fingers
Lunch - sleeping
Dinner - homemade pizza; onion ring; red pepper

Breakfast - buttered toast fingers - we're not very imaginative when it comes to breakfast!
Lunch - beef stew; cheesy mashed potatoes; steamed courgette, carrot & broccoli
Tea - eggy bread; banana


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mamatography 18 - Siblings: May

dear beautiful

Our morning routine now includes B and M touching each others faces, as though they are reconnecting after the night apart. It's lovely and gentle, and reminds me of animals nuzzling each other. M usually wakes first, and she will sit beside me, alternating between nursing and looking over to see if B is awake yet. She's developed a fake cough, which is quite clearly used for attention seeking purposes! As soon as B wakes, M's face cracks into the biggest smile, B leans over and touches her face, and then says, "Mummy, M is my sister!" Will I ever get tired of hearing that joyful statement?

The two of them make each other so happy - just seeing the other one can stop tears. It's a delight to witness. B told me the other day that she and M are getting married, and that daddy will wear a golden ball gown at the wedding!

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Baby Led Weaning - Week 1

Our second Baby Led Weaning journey has begun. M had her first solids experience at 23 weeks. That's three weeks before her 6 month birthday, which just goes to show one of the beauties of weaning in this way. We didn't have to rely upon an arbitrary age to reach, but had measurable abilities to watch for.

Baby led weaning means allowing your baby to lead the way on their journey to full time solid food. It's not - as many seem to think - the introduction of finger foods to a baby already fed on purées, but rather putting food in front of your baby and letting them explore and feed themselves. If you're feeding your baby some of their food, they're not leading the way, so there is no such thing as 'part traditional, part baby led weaning,' though a baby can feed themselves with purée if given a loaded spoon. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Illegal is Illegal

There's a petition going round that calls for Sports Direct to issue an apology for the treatment of breastfeeding mother, Wioletta Komar, in one of their stores. I am reluctant to sign it. For a start, a forced apology is meaningless. But, more importantly, this situation calls for much more than an apology, however much Ms. Komar would like to receive one.
Breastfeeding mothers are protected by the Equality Act of 2010. It is illegal to harass, victimise or discriminate against a woman because she is breastfeeding. You cannot ask a woman to leave a public place or feed elsewhere or cover up; you cannot refuse to serve her because she is breastfeeding. It is against the law. 
The chap in Sports Direct who told Ms. Komar that she couldn't feed in the store committed a crime. An apology isn't good enough. When a crime is committed, then there should be consequences under the law.