Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kiddicare Review

In search of a back carrier for the hubby to transport B around the Greenbelt Festival this weekend, we headed off to our nearest Kiddicare. I think I was anticipating it being a bit like a big Mothercare, but I was really pleasantly surprised by what we found.

The carriers were easy to find, and when a sales assistant spotted us looking a bit confused, she came straight over and offered assistance. She was helpful, thoughtful and explained really clearly. First, she demonstrated how to put on the carrier we were interested in, and then she helped the hubby to put B into it, before assisting him in getting it onto his back. She was also amazingly patient and considerate with B who had a bit of a meltdown about not wanting to get off Daddy's back!

When we'd decided to get the carrier - the Phil&Ted's Escape, which we'll be reviewing soon, hopefully - I spotted the Close Caboo carrier, which I'd recently purchased via Zulily in preparation for incoming baby 2. Despite me informing her that we already had one, and so would not be purchasing it in store, the assistant offered to show us how to use it properly, with a demonstration doll. The hubby is delighted to have a clear idea of what to do with it now, and I was really grateful that she was so helpful and generous with her time.

There are some fantastic discounts on pretty much everything in the store, which makes it an even better place to shop. And the restaurant served tasty and healthy options, with child-friendly options, for reasonable prices.

Verdict? We'll be shopping at Kiddicare again if and when we need more kid stuff.