Saturday, 20 June 2015

Rationing Challenge - Day 13

We fancied an English breakfast.
(Burnt!) Bacon, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, potato cakes, bread and butter
Milk, Tea

Fry Up bacon, egg, potato cakes, rationin

Beef curry, loosely based around this, made using leftover brisket, with rice.

beef curry wartime rationing

Cheese scones

Remaining Rations
Sugar - 2lb 31.5oz 30.6oz
Margarine - 1lb 14oz 11oz 10oz
Bacon/Ham - 12oz 9.1oz 5.8oz
Cheese - 11oz 7.5oz 6.5oz 5.5oz 4oz 3oz
Lard - 6oz 5.7oz 5.3oz 4.3oz 4oz
Vegetable suet - 2oz 
Tea - 4oz 3.5oz 3.1oz 2.7oz 2.5oz 1.8oz
Meat - 24oz ALL COOKED
Butter - 8oz 7.7oz 7.4oz 7oz 6.5oz 1.3oz
Milk - 20pints 17.65pints 15.6pints 13.6pints 11.75pints 9.5pints
Sweets/Chocolate - 12oz 10.7oz 10.1oz 8.6oz 7.45oz
Marmalade - 1lb 15oz 13.5oz
Jam - 8oz 6.5oz
Eggs - 8 6 4

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