Wednesday, 3 June 2015

30 Days Wild | 3: The Really Wild Show

Today we went really wild with a trip to the safari park. We love seeing the animals in such close proximity whilst also having plenty of space to roam. But today's highlight, for me, was seeing a black squirrel. I've never seen one before, and at first I thought I was mistaken, because I had my sunglasses on, but there in the monkey enclosure was this little fella:

All thanks to my dad for this brilliant photo (and most of the others in this post).

My brother and I reminisced about watching The Really Wild Show as kids. Dear old Terry Nutkin and his missing finger that had been bitten off by an otter. We were slightly sceptical about that, until the keeper feeding the otters in their enclosure announced that otters have incredibly sharp teeth and would take your finger clean off. Must be true about Terry then!

We saw tigers relaxing in the shade and meerkats sunbathing; lions ripping apart a huge, dead animal and rhinos nibbling grass; a black bear having a wander and a giraffe exploring an old tree trunk. B stroked an elephant and laughed when said pachyderm did an enormous wee! I was excited to see a wallaby with her joey hanging out of her pouch. Babywearing mamas know what they're doing! And we saw the most stunning peacock. Not sure who he was trying to impress, but it worked on me. M just shouted, "Bird!" a lot. She was more interested in the crows than the safari animals. 

We saw kites flying above the lion enclosure. It's so strange to see our native animals in such close proximity to beasts from other continents. We're so lucky to have such a situation so close to our home. 

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