Friday, 12 June 2015

Rationing Challenge - Day 5

Coffee wasn't rationed, though it was rarely drunk, and neither were sausages, though they usually had a minimal amount of meat in them and were bulked up with breadcrumbs. It was also possible to go out to eat and have a pretty decent meal, because, "Hotels and restaurants were not obliged to observe rationing rules, or to collect coupons from their customers' ration books." (The Ministry of Food - Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall) And fish and chips became even more popular because potatoes were not only off-ration, but in good suuply, and people were encouraged to eat a great deal of them. So today we made the most of a snack out and chips from the chip shop!


Mid-Morning - out
Sausage roll
Blackcurrant juice for the girls; Coffee for me

Rationing Leftovers PastiesPasties made with potato pastry and filled with the remaining mince & gravy; cucumber, carrot and radish; leftover soup 


Fish cakes and chips rationing

Fishcakes; parsley sauce; broccoli; chips from the chippy; bread & butter
Tea; milk

Remaining Rations 
Sugar - 2lb 30oz 28.8oz 28.15oz 26.65oz 26.15oz 
Margarine - 1lb 12oz 9.5oz 
Bacon/Ham - 12oz 11.75oz 10.5oz 9.3oz 7.8oz
Cheese - 11oz 9oz 7.05oz 5.55oz 5.05oz 4.75oz
Lard - 6oz 4.8oz 3.8oz 2.5oz 1oz
Vegetable Suet - 2oz 1.25oz 
Tea - 4oz 3.9oz 3oz 2.6oz 2oz 1.5oz
Meat - 24oz 7oz
Butter - 8oz 7.5oz 7.25oz 5.5oz 5.35oz 4.2oz
Milk - 20pints 18.25pints 16pints 13.4pints 11.1pints 9.1pints
Sweets/Chocolate - 12oz 11.8oz 10.6oz 8.6oz 7.1oz
Marmalade - 1lb 14.5oz 13.7oz
Jam - 8oz 6.95oz 6.7oz 5.95oz 5.55oz
Eggs - 8 7 5

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