Monday, 10 November 2014

Mamatography 45: Siblings - November

dear beautiful
We're approaching one year of these two being sisters, and they're still as lovely as ever together. With M on the verge of walking, will the cameraderie last? I hope so. I love seeing B helping her little sister - pushing her in a swing, brushing her teeth, fetching her books to look at. And it's so precious to wake to find them cuddling each other after B has got into bed with us in the night.


They're a great little double act now. M has developed a fondness for emptying the kitchen drawers; B helpfully puts the contents back in. B likes to help me hang up the washing; M likes to pull the clothes off the airer. When B isn't around, M gets bored, and, surprisingly, I get less done when I only have M to look after than when they're both with me! 
I think back to this time last year. I was so worried about whether B would cope with the new baby; I didn't know how I would look after two children; I was scared that I wouldn't love the baby as much as I loved B, or that B would feel forgotten and unloved. Needless worries. B loved M immediately. Adored her, despite her anger towards the hubby and myself. Somehow I have survived being a mother of two. And as for the love - I can hardly believe that I was worried about that. I love them both so very much. I struggle to remember what life was like before M. I can't imagine life without her. Though I know I miss having time with just B and me. That's something to strive for in the next year.

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  1. They sound like tremendous fun! How lovely to have such a helpful big sister to help with your small.