Friday, 31 October 2014

Mamatography 43: Me and Mine - October

dear beautiful
October came and went incredibly quickly. The weather has been surprisingly mild and so the dark evenings have come almost as a shock. I struggle in the winter months with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but the sunshine has enabled me to get out a bit more, hopefully alleviating some of the SADness for this year. We've had a busy month. Lots of visits, including meeting up with (almost all) my uni housemates. It's 10 years since we lived together! Amazing to see how much we've all changed, and yet how comfortable we all still were with each other.
B has almost mastered toilet training this month. A relief, but also the speed she has got it this time around just goes to show that people are right when they say you need to wait until they're truly ready.
M is on the verge of standing independently, just a couple of weeks from her 1st birthday!
Both girls have been going to bed at the same time for a few weeks now, which has allowed the hubby and me to have some time together in the evenings. However, I do miss my time to myself, watching Foyle's War whilst nursing M, which I had been enjoying when B went to bed first with Daddy's help. And M has suddenly started waking up ridiculously early - like 3 or 4 am!! - and refusing to go back to sleep, wanting to play and chat. It's difficult being awake from that time in the morning and then not getting any alone time all day. This introvert is certainly struggling. The hubby often takes her downstairs to play for a bit at about 5:30/6ish, but I find it difficult to get back to sleep, ironically.
We're now on the countdown to M's first birthday. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.

This was taken in St. Albans where we had a great day catching up with old friends. 

This month...
The hubby has enjoyed:
Spending more time with me in the evenings
Seeing B learning more
Meeting up with old friends
Having his first (and last!!) kebab
A lads' night out

I've enjoyed:
Celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday 
Catching up with a variety of old friends
Doing more craft activities with B
The slow cooker meals we prepped in advance with friends
Flourishing friendships
The colours of autumn 

B has enjoyed:
Angelina Ballerina
Wearing big girl pants
Jumping in puddles 
Reading fairy tales 
Winning Pass the Parcel at Granddad's party

M has enjoyed:
Emptying drawers
Drinking out of an open cup
Playing with daddy early in the morning

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