Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mamatography 40: Siblings - October

dear beautiful

These two are growing closer as they get older. Now that M is crawling - very speedily, I might add! - she will gladly follow B like a faithful puppy. I often catch them looking quite mischievous together, and I dread to think what shenanigans they'll get up to in the future!
B often hugs M, saying, "You're my best sister," which is heart-meltingly beautiful, and she informed me that she and M will be getting married soon. There are hugs aplenty and, as M is particularly fond of kissing now, many kisses too. And so much laughter. They really do amuse each other. M especially is still finding everything B does to be hilarious, and we love listening to them together. I find it a great help that B is able to keep M entertained, as I can get on with some extra jobs. It's great to hear B singing M's favourite songs to her. 
I'm looking forward to hearing their conversations when M can talk.  

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