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28 Weeks - Heading into the Third Trimester

Ee, the aches and pains of pregnancy.

It's not all glamour, you know!
28 weeks bump
28 Weeks Bump
I get cramp, frequently, and not just your run of the mill nighttime leg cramps. I get cramp in my right bum cheek.

Deeply unpleasant. And, unlike my leg cramp, that I can usually rub away, I'm yet to find a remedy for my bum when the cramp strikes.

I have had to go against my dislike of aspartame and drink a daily glass of sugar free tonic water - with ice and lemon - in a bid to prevent the cramps. So far, it is helping. And I can pretend it has gin in!

In a delightful development, the girls have now both felt the baby moving. M absolutely loves it, and insists on telling me how the baby kicked her. B, on the other hand, seems quite nonplussed. Perhaps she's feeling a bit been there, done that about it. After all, she's a dab hand at being a big sister now.

I've seen baby's movements a couple of times, but only out of the corner of my eye.

There's a definite awkwardness about this baby - it always stops moving the minute attention is drawn. The Hubby has to keep his hand on my tummy for quite some time to feel anything.

I've had a few days where I've been concerned due to not feeling movement.

Each time I've sat quietly with a cold drink; then played various songs; laid down for a bit; and even progressed to eating a piece of chocolate. And it has only been when I've been on the verge of calling the Day Unit to ask to be checked, that baby has suddenly jumped into action.

Lady meditating
Desperately seeking calm
This does nothing for my stress levels!

Talking of stress, now would be a good time to point out that stress and anxiety, as well as poor sleep, can raise blood sugar levels quite significantly.

"When the body is under stress, the adrenal glands trigger the release of glucose stored in various organs, which often leads to elevated levels of glucose in the bloodstream.
For people with diabetes, this can be particularly problematic as they find it harder than non-diabetics to regain normal blood glucose levels after a bout of stress." (

My levels are certainly higher when I'm feeling anxious, or when I'm dealing with a stressful situation, such as an argument with the Hubby, or dealing with children, or waiting around to see if I'll hear from the safeguarding team, and wondering if they were even contacted in the first place.

I am trying to listen to my Natal Hypnotherapy Pregnancy Relaxation at least once a week, but it's not always possible. I do feel so much more relaxed and able to deal with everything when I've had the opportunity.

Another factor in blood glucose levels is dehydration. With the weather as it has been, it's so important to be drinking plenty of water. Though we need to be aware of our electrolyte levels too - a low carb diet and lots of water can cause low levels of sodium, magnesium and potassium, which in turn can lead to various issues, including cramps and muscle fatigue. And there we are, back at the start of this post!

Check out this article on the importance of electrolytes and how to replenish them: Importance of Electrolytes in the Body

I must apologise for the three week gap since my last update. The heat, the Hubby's birthday, and various other stresses and strains have got in the way. And when it gets to the evening, and I can finally sit down, I've just been too tired to write. I shall endeavour to be better!

Stats from the last three weeks
28 weeks pregnant coconut
Baby is the size of a tropical coconut

 Average after meal sugars: 4.7 mmol/L
Average fasting sugars: 4.4 mmol/L
Weight:  +1lb

Catch up: 25 Weeks
Next: 30 Weeks


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