Monday, 31 August 2015

Me and Mine - August 2015

dear beautiful me and mine
August has been a month of birthdays - I turned 32 and B turned 4 - so there has been a lot of cake, partying and day trips. And so many presents! We finally finished converting the spare room into a bedroom and play area for the girls, which has resulted in a few nights - not many though! - of unbroken sleep. It's amazing how a solid block of sleep can set you up for the day! I have managed to read a book that's been on my list to read for a while - The Five People You Meet in Heaven - and it was everything I hoped it would be. M is talking a lot more - we can have proper little conversations now. And her sense of humour is really developing. She makes us all laugh a lot. B is growing up so quickly, and yet is still so obviously young. I can't believe that if we weren't home educating, she would be expected to start school in the coming week. She's so little, even if she does insist that, now she's 4 years old, she knows everything!

My Birthday

This month:

The Hubby has enjoyed...
Nice weather
A different hair cut
Doing more yoga
Spending time with B
Completing the girls' bedroom

I have enjoyed...
Listening to my new radio
B's Superhero birthday party
Winning bowling on B's birthday
The Curly Girl Method, and how wonderful my hair is looking
Time for reading
The August Bank Holiday Weekend

B has enjoyed...
Her Superhero birthday party
Going bowling on her birthday, and having Happy Birthday sung to her at Frankie & Benny's
Her new bedroom
Her cousin coming to stay for a few days
Practising writing her name

M has enjoyed...
Having her hair done
Singing the Alphabet song
Her toy panda
Her new bedroom
Talking more
Playing Old MacDonald Lotto with B

Our Superhero Identities - sssshhhhh!
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