Sunday, 31 May 2015

Me and Mine 2015 - May

dear beautiful me and mine

May has felt like a long month, and yet it's difficult to believe we're in June tomorrow. We've had a lovely week in Cornwall with the Hubby's godmother, swimming, walking and relaxing. We went up to Tintagel Castle, which is something I have wanted to do for a long time. There have been disappointing results in the General Election and in the Eurovision Song Contest. M is trying to toilet train herself, and B is working on writing her own name. I discovered that the Health app on my phone keeps a record of my steps and have been trying to build up the number I do each day. This would have been successful, if I hadn't hurt my back carrying M. The Hubby has been to Athens on business, and has taken on the role of NCT Fathers Coordinator for our area.

Family Photo

It has been so good to have time together as a family. We really enjoy each other's company, and even more so when we can relax a little. I had my pick of photos this month, as our holiday provided several full family pictures. I picked this one of us at Lanhydrock in Cornwall, because we had such a great day there together. The gardens are beautiful and there's a brilliant play area. They're really friendly towards children and they serve great refreshments - the most delicious cheese scone I've ever tasted. I also love that we all have different expressions in this photo, almost summing up our characters with our faces. I was obviously in the throes of saying,"Cheese!" 

This month:

The Hubby has enjoyed...
Decluttering the house
Doing the Press Up Challenge
Warmer weather
Planning for the future
Going to the Eden Project
Seeing his godmother

I have enjoyed...
Holidaying in Cornwall
Our Pentecost Cheesecake Party
Decluttering the house
Making Frozen themed cupcakes
Hearing M say more and more words
Watching Once Upon A Time

B has enjoyed...
Jumping in puddles
Painting on canvases
Playing in the garden
Going on holiday
The Eden Project
Eating a honey and lavender ice cream on the walk back from Tintagel Castle
Reading Fantastic Mr Fox with Daddy
Asking "Why?" 

M has enjoyed...
Helping around the house
Going on the toilet
Wearing other people's shoes
The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
Watering the garden

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