Sunday, 15 February 2015

Siblings - February 2015

dear beautiful

The past month has seen M start walking properly and saying a few words. Unsurprisingly, one of her first words was B's name! It's incredibly cute to see her pride when she says a word, and B thinks it's wonderful that her name is coming out of M's mouth. We love listening to them together. B tells M all sorts of things; she likes explaining what's going on, and I've heard her telling M that "things get better when you can walk and talk" - very wise words from the elder sister! M, in turn, babbles away, an earnest look on her face and real seriousness in her voice, despite no one understanding just what she's going on about.

It's not just during the day that these two are great friends; at night they cuddle together.
We have the perfect arrangement - I get them both to sleep in our bed, then I sneak away downstairs for some time with the Hubby. We move B to her bed when we come up. The perfection is found in the way B keeps M asleep while we're downstairs. When B was M's age, I was up and down the stairs much of the evening, trying to get her to stay asleep. M, however, stays asleep because she has someone to cuddle her. The Hubby even spotted a sleeping B patting M to get her back to sleep when she's stirred and cried! I found M lying on top of B the other night, both of them snoring contentedly.

I know I say it every month, but these lovely little girls clearly love each other very much. There are kisses and cuddles and a great deal of laughter, of course interspersed with a bit of shouting here and there; but the majority of the time, they play happily together, and are learning so much from one another.

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