Wednesday, 11 February 2015

52 Weeks of Memories | 6: Feet

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories

How fortuitous that this week's topic is feet, when M is finally walking - at a whole two weeks younger than B was! - and I've been thinking about her tiny feet and the shoes that will soon cover them. 

I couldn't resist posting two photos this week. M is walking. These soft little feet will soon gain the toughness of sole that comes from transporting a body through life. And they won't be so tiny and cute for much longer. Every few months they'll be measured and I'll shed a little tear as they increase in size - partly from watching my baby grow, partly at the price of children's shoes!

Her first foot measuring experience. She was underwhelmed, though she loved the wide open space of the shoe shop for running backwards and forwards.Typically, her feet are a half size bigger and a size wider than B's first shoes, so my clever saving of all B's shoes has gone to waste this time. Who knows? Maybe her feet will get a bit narrower and she'll make use of them one day...


  1. My daughter grows out of her shoes so quickly too. I'm holding onto all hers in the hopes we may have another girl and some point and be able to use them again.

    1. I hope you have more luck than we did! However, I've managed to find shoes for both of them on ebay for a quarter of the price in the shop!