Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mamatography 36: Siblings - September

dear beautiful

These kids crack me up! The hubby and I are of the firm opinion that they are the most hilarious people we know. M especially is always laughing about something - usually B, but sometimes the cause of her amusement is lost to us. 

M follows B around now, quite earnestly. On occasion M has been torn between coming to me and going to B. She crawls back and forth, giggling hysterically, but much of the time B wins. She just has to see what her big sister is up to. They are both still thrilled to see each other every morning. There are cuddles and kisses galore. 

But there are screams and tears too. M's speedy crawling means she's much more capable of grabbing the toys she wants. Unfortunately, they tend to be the toys B is playing with. Snatching and tight grips ensue, but we insist that whoever had it first gets to keep it as long as they want. The rule is that if you leave it, you're at risk of losing it. Luckily for B, M gets bored quickly! It's useful in teaching B the merits of tidying up too - if she wants her belongings to avoid being chewed/ripped/etc. then she has to pick them up and put them away. So far, this has an 80% success rate!

I just can't get over how fond these girls are of each other. It's so wonderful to see the delight they have when they are together.  


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