Saturday, 31 January 2015

Me and Mine 2015 - January

dear beautiful  
And so begins another year of joining in with the Me and Mine project hosted by Lucy at Dear Beautiful

Some days you just have to put on the dressing up accessories your 3 year old hands you, and pose for some group shots with the Hubby's selfie stick!

January has gone incredibly quickly, despite being a month of sniffles and colds. We had a brief smattering of snow, but it was gone by lunchtime. The girls were excited to watch the snowflakes coming down. M can walk, and say 'biscuit' and B's name. She's suddenly started to sign much more and it's lovely to see her communicating with us. We've had some visits from old uni friends, which has been lots of fun.

This month...

The Hubby has enjoyed:
Seeing M walk
Deciding to stay in his job
Keeping the kitchen clean and clutter-free
Getting new running shoes
Hot pod yoga
Getting some decent clippers for his beard
Making up a new bedtime story for B

I have enjoyed:
Reading a book
Catching up on the last series of Call the Midwife
Doing a jigsaw puzzle with the Hubby
Hearing M say some words
Catching up with old friends 

B has enjoyed:
Doing puzzles
Colouring inside the lines
Dressing up
Going to the supermarket dressed as Merida
Listening to Daddy's bedtime stories and getting excited about the next instalment.

M has enjoyed:
Learning to walk
Using more signs
Saying words
Mr Tumble
Putting things into boxes


  1. Looks like you're all having great fun! Brilliant!

  2. Hahahaha! This is such a fun family portrait. Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x