Thursday, 4 December 2014

December 4th - Worth Saving

Genesis 6:9 - 9:17

We made rainbows out of paper plates today:

paper plate craft rainbow Genesis
Genesis 9:13

I explained to B that God was sad about all the meanies and had to wash them away. But that He gave us rainbows so that we know He would never do it again. We generally focus on the animals and the rainbow in the story of Noah, especially when it comes to telling children, because the full story is so hugely difficult to comprehend. How could our all-loving God do something so horrific?
Noah and his family weren't perfect. God didn't choose Noah to build the Ark because he had somehow managed to be sinless. But, in a world so filled with depravity and violence and evil, the rest of humanity were completely beyond hope of changing. There wasn't even a tiny bit of good in anyone except Noah and his family. We see straight after the flood that Noah was capable of messing up big time, but God saw in his heart the ability to change. That is why Noah was saved. The rest of the world couldn't be saved - this was an amputation. Painful, horrifying, traumatic, but absolutely necessary. There was not one innocent person to be saved other than Noah and his family. Had God allowed them to live then the infection would have taken over completely. The world would have been lost. But, in Noah there was a hope for the future, and God knew that never again would He have to destroy so many. Thee would be something worth saving in every single person. 

Do you believe you are worth saving?

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