Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mamatography 6 - Valentine's Day

I've come to the realisation that it is much easier to do activities with B if they have a theme, something to work towards. This week we focused on Valentine's Day. B and I made chocolates for daddy by putting sprinkles and melted chocolate into a silicon ice cube tray, heart shaped of course! B loved doing this, and probably felt quite grown up. 

It was great to see the concentration on her face as she spooned the chocolate into the mould. And I got 10 minutes peace while she licked out the bowl!
I got B's handprint and M's footprints onto a canvas to write 'Love'. Trying to get a baby's footprints on my own was an interesting activity!
And B also made Daddy a card using the salad spinner art technique from The Imagination Tree. She enjoyed that activity, but needed assistance spinning the spinner fast enough. I think next time we do it, I'll water the paint down a bit so it can move more freely. 
I bought the hubby a heart shaped Brie, because he loves cheese. And he made me some amazing fudge in the slow cooker. Very pleased with him!
We don't normally put in a great deal of effort for Valentine's Day - we try to show how much we love each other every day! - but it was fun doing these activities. The canvas is a lovely keepsake and we'll definitely try the spin art again. And that fudge is tasty!

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  1. Lovely post Laura and yes, we do exactly the same! We have a theme every week, planned in advance, otherwise I spend my days trying to think of things to do, rather than doing them!