Thursday, 30 August 2012

Take One Half Empty Carton of Buttermilk...

This week we are mostly using up leftovers and tins that have been in the cupboard since before B was born.
I have become quite aware recently that we spend too much money on food, and now our daughter will more often than not eat an adult sized portion for dinner, I need to find ways to cut back on the cost of food. With sensible purchasing of a few items here and there, I think we'll manage at least a week with what we already have in the house.

Last night, with only some parsley and some Smash purchased, we had a delicious fish pie made with one frozen cod steak, a tin of salmon and a tin of tuna. This was followed by bread pudding to use up a can of evaporated milk and the crusts from B's party sandwiches. Tasty. This was accompanied by a scoop of salted caramel and pecan ice cream made on Tuesday night with the remainder of the double cream and dulce de leche I used to decorate some cupcakes for the party. Of course, that did require the hubby to buy me some pecan nuts.
Today for lunch we will be having buttermilk banana pancakes - no extra purchasing necessary - and dinner will be mushroom risotto.
Believe me, the meals will get much less interesting as I use up the good stuff; there's a reason I haven't used some of this stuff for such a long time!
What's in your cupboard or fridge that needs using up?

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