Friday, 26 August 2011

Almost 40 Reasons Why It's Good to Go Overdue!

So, at 10 days past my due date it is helpful to think about why it is good to go overdue. As they say, "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
In a bid to keep me encouraged over the past few days, my best friend, Clare, has provided most of the following, with the odd addition from others here and there:

1: Babies are much easier to look after when they're on the inside.

2: Baby is a bit bigger, a bit more developed and a bit more ready for the world.

3: I have more time to chillax.

4: Time for more 'date night' opportunities with the hubby.

5: I can watch a film or TV programme and/or read a book with no interruptions other than a change of position or to go to the loo!

6: I can do last minute preparations.

7: I can enjoy some more non-child related conversation.

8: I can enjoy the final days of pregnancy eating what I like, when I like.

9: I can enjoy all the benefits of people being really nice and friendly to me for being pregnant that little bit longer.

10: Naps!

11: I have time to read heart warming stories such as this one about Yvonne, the German runaway cow:

12: I can exchange many text messages with my best friend.

13: My quiet God time will actually be quiet!

14: I still have somewhere convenient to put a small plate of toast.

15: I still have a good excuse to be waited on hand, foot and finger.

16: An excuse to have more sex - though possibly this is more for the hubby than for whale-like me!

17: It is much easier to get out and about.

18: I can sit through church without being interrupted, other than for (yet another) wee break.

19: I can eat a meal without interruption.

20: I have a valid excuse not to do/genuinely forget things, as I still have "pregnancy brain"!

21: The baby will be growing nicely, which, according to the following, will mean a nice healthy Seamonkey for life: "It is better to be 7lb (3.2kg) at birth than 6lb - better to be 8lb than 7lb."

22: If I feel so inclined, I have a good reason to request that someone paints my toenails.

23: We can be spontaneous and, on a whim, go out for dinner and to the cinema.

24: I have time to consider and write my blog.

25: I can delight in the miracle of pregnancy for one day longer.

26: I can spend ages in the shower without worrying.

27: If I'm feeling poorly, I can rest as much as I like.

28: I get another appointment with my lovely midwife.

29: Another day of indulging in the anticipation of whether Seamonkey is a girl or a boy.

30: More time to indulge in shopping for baby stuff.

31: An excuse to be as tired and lazy as I like.

32: More opportunities to enjoy baby hiccups.

33: I can enjoy loud Skype conversations without the risk of waking the baby.

34: I get to enjoy being bump and me for a little longer, before I have to share the baby.

35: Another opportunity to listen to my Natal Hypnotherapy CD.

36: A valuable lesson in patience and trusting in God.

37: I can bake yet another cake for eating after the baby comes.

38: I can actually feel prepared for the baby's arrival.

39: I'm looking forward to going into labour...

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  1. Sometimes I think there is not enough Honeybee in my life. Praying for you xx

  2. 40: Free prescriptions last a few days longer.

  3. Great list, so many reasons to be cheerful about being overdue, very refreshing to read! Enjoy the peace as long as you can, thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx