Monday, 15 June 2015

Siblings - June 2015

dear beautiful

These girls are gorgeous. I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure they are the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen. They are still great friends, though I see B's frustration with M at times. Both strong willed and knowing what they want, they clash frequently, but more often I find them sat reading together or looking after each other's dollies. 

M has a real sense of empathy - if ever B is hurt or upset, M's little face crumples and she makes the signs for "hurt" or "crying" and whimpers. She will always run to hug her big sister if B is sad. And B is still the one to get the biggest laughs out of M. They wind each other up something chronic. M thinks it's funny when B gets cross, so she keeps doing what she's doing to get the reaction. B thinks it's funny to tease M. So there are tears and shouts, but equally there are screams of laughter, and laughter about screaming - something they egg each other on to do louder and louder. And bedtime can be a nightmare, because they want to keep seeing each other, to continue laughing and playing and jumping. B likes to tickle M at bedtime. But that sort of behaviour is like a pot of espresso to two small children - after the hilarity I am left with an age of trying to get them both to sleep!

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