Friday 20 June 2014

Why Breastfeeding is Good for Dads

As has become our tradition, here is the guest post from the Hubby. He is my biggest supporter, and a real breastfeeding advocate, always ready to spring to the defence of any woman given grief over breastfeeding. It can often be useful to have a dad's perspective, so this year he is writing about why having mum breastfeed the baby is a great choice for dads. 
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Hi all!
It's dad of two girls and husband to an amazing, breastfeeding lady, here.
This year my topic is benefits for dads during breastfeeding.
"How?" I maybe hear you say. How can there be benefits to dads during the mother breastfeeding the baby?
But there are!
Not all selfish benefits, like getting time to watch the rugby, but useful benefits in the new role as a dad.

So here we go, what are the benefits? Why IS breastfeeding good for dads?

Time to get brownie points by doing all those new jobs you have to do
Shopping, cleaning, hoovering, taking out the rubbish, a back rub? Even DIY?
When mum is feeding the baby, it may be a good idea for the dad to get up and do things.
No bloke likes to be sitting down being lazy (right, guys?). And just think of how happy you'll make your lady!
If mum is feeding your second baby, then you can.........

Play with the other kids
It's always a hard time for the eldest kid when another one comes along and gets lots of attention.
More time for selfies!
Spend feeding time playing with the other kid(s), or even, clean/hoover/put away things, together! This can be fun and should be made fun. Doing chores shouldn't be boring. Besides, you're investing in a future of not having to do the jobs, because the kids can do them ;) And playtime really isn't a chore.

Skin to skin time post-feed equals more rest for you
After a feed, the baby can be more often than not, asleep.
In the early days, skin to skin time is good for everyone. Skin to skin time with Dad, after a feed, is awesome!
Dad can sit and watch a film, and mum can get some relax/sleep/me time whilst baby is asleep. No need to be concentrating on a bottle, as baby is well fed and that's not your responsibility.

Look who conked out on Daddy
Sleep during night feeds
This is a benefit that the mothers may frown upon initially, but the benefit helps them as well as the dad. Sleep.
There will come a time when you won't be needed for constant nappy changes in the middle of the night. Mum will feed the baby when it stirs and you will be able to get some precious sleep to prep for the next day at work and to help out mum. No need for you to prep/give a bottle. And breastfeeding mums tend to get more sleep than formula/combination feeding mums, so she'll (possibly) be less grumpy in the morning.
Dads can also have a good amount of energy stored up to bond/play with the baby.

Far less hassle; Far less expense
If your baby is being breastfed then you remove hassle of having to...
- buy formula
- buy bottles
Bond by babywearing
- clean and sterilise bottles
- make up formula (boil/cool water, scoop the right scoops...)
- faff with feeding routines
- make sure you've got enough milk packed for a day out or trip away
We had no choice but to supplement with formula for our 2, so I had to do the above, but if you don't have to, then don't!

Big boobs
This is a nice one! or two ;-)
Pregnancy makes mum's boobs get bigger; breastfeeding keeps them bigger!
You might not get to play with them as much as you used to, but with all the brownie points you're getting from having extra time to help out, I'll let you imagine the possible benefits to this :-)

No risk of getting left at home with the baby
Baby needs to stay near mum if she's breastfeeding.
So, dads... no need to panic, you won't be left alone at home feeding the baby. You won't be able to lactate enough. Trust me!

You get to eat more
In order to make sure that mum is keeping the milk production line running, it's recommended that mum eats 500 calories extra per day ideally.
This means, more food and snacks, which of course dads can join in with too! Yum!!!

No need for pacing the floors if baby is crying
If baby is upset, tired, sick, grumpy, stick it on the boob!
It's a great pacifier!   

And remember........
Happy baby + happy mummy = happy Dad!

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  1. Love this post! I love how excited you are to earn 'brownie points'. My husband has also been my biggest supporter when it comes to breastfeeding and I'm sure he would agree with a lot of your comments. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. My partner has been fantastic support. I'm pretty sure this is because of all the extra sleep he gets! Definitely one of his reasons for wanting me to breastfeed!x

  3. My husband has been a great supporter when lo was young, I think he is starting to question it now as she gets older.

  4. Nice to read dads views, hope this week we get to hear my from dads

  5. There was no "decide to breastfeed" moment here. It's the biological norm for babies, so that's what I was going to do. That said, a support network in place is essential, whether or not you face challenges. x

  6. Sarah Strickland20 June 2014 at 15:11

    Great post. My husband has been very supportive throughout, and this has really helped me through some difficult (and painful!) times.

  7. lovely to read this from a dads pov! ive decided to breastfeed because of the benefits to both me and baby

  8. Interesting read ☺.BFing seems to make life easier for everyone (when it's straightforward, anyway! )

  9. I didn't really decide to, it was never even something I thought twice about, I just knew I would

  10. I wanted to give it a go, struggled and then was more determined than ever to succeed.

  11. I love how my husband supported me. think they are so important in the process.
    especially for holding everything together in the first few months when all we're doing is breastfeeding

  12. Love the post, my husband would agree, we chose due to breastfeeding being free and for the bond

  13. Brilliant post, I wish our kiddies would take the breast but since they don't, the pump has become my "best friend"

  14. Great blog. I decided to bf after a reasonable amount of research into the benefits.

  15. I'm going to get my hubby to read this he might want to earn brownie points then

  16. Lynsey Buchanan21 June 2014 at 18:43

    its best for baby and its free

  17. It was just what I wanted to do

  18. It's convenient and great for baby

  19. Great post from a dad's perspective - my husband is very supportive apart from appearing to think I'm doing nothing when sat down feeding! Need to get him to read the bit about doing jobs!

  20. Good way to bond but also free so all good .x

  21. Lots of reasons, but my favourite is not having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to prepare a bottle!