Saturday, 22 October 2016

A Brief, but Miraculous, Update

A Ray of Light Shining Through

We had a scan.

The Sonographer was so friendly.

We saw a little hand. And the cutest little foot, attached to a chubby little ankle.

But, even more amazing - my amniotic fluid levels have normalised!

Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying.

 I could have a home birth now, because the high risk of cord prolapse has gone. And because there is no need for baby to be checked with a nasogastric tube straight after birth.

But I've mentally prepared myself for a hospital birth. We've nothing ready for a home birth either. Plus, if we're in the hospital there's a higher chance that any tongue tie will be diagnosed and separated much more speedily.

My Consultant has put in my notes that I can use the Midwife Led Unit.

She didn't push for an induction, and I declined the offered stretch and sweep. But she wants me back next week to discuss getting the baby out.

Induction will come up again.

I'll decline.

I know I don't need one. B was 12 days over; M was 2. Both came without being induced. Although I did have a sweep with B, the midwife who performed it said she was coming anyway.

I will suggest daily monitoring instead, if I'm still pregnant then.

And, to be honest, I'll probably accept a sweep then too.

Now we just have to pray this baby earthside. They're far too comfortable inside!

I need to see that little foot for real.

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