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39 Weeks - Counting Down the Days

39 Weeks Pregnant
For once I feel I can report a positive week of pregnancy. 

I feel completely upheld by the prayers of family, friends, and strangers who read this blog. 

Gradually I am gaining a sense of peace. A peace which is beginning to dwarf the fear.

I've been listening to my Natal Hypnotherapy Effective Birth Preparation as much as possible, though the number of times I've managed to stay awake through it is still minimal.

I've been assured that my brain is listening even when I'm sleeping!

In amongst the exhortation to "imagine your cervix opening like a flower," and the image of my baby "sliding through the birth canal," I have picked out affirmations that I believe will help me.
Feeling more peaceful

"Pressure. Warmth. Power."

"Turn down the dial to 1."

"3, 2, 1, relax."

I will ask the hubby to repeat these to me during labour, particularly, "3, 2, 1, relax," which was so helpful when I gave birth to B and M, and is my mantra in so many situations since.

The music on the hypnotherapy tracks fills me with a deep sense of calm and relaxation. And it always takes me back to B's birth in the hospital. Strangely, it doesn't give me many memories of M's birth at home, despite me listening to it through both labours.

Perhaps that is why the knowledge of needing a hospital birth this time is not scaring or worrying me.

My bags are pretty much packed; my birth plan is written and includes a plan for if a caesarean becomes necessary; I've started expressing and freezing - albeit tiny amounts - of colostrum; and the freezer has 2 weeks' of main meals in it.

I'm counting down the days now, hoping that the baby will come sooner rather than later.

Long before I met the Hubby, I believe God told me the date that I would get married. I had no clue until later that day that it was a Saturday. I clung to that date as a promise that I would, one day, get married. And that date was the date that the Hubby and I tied the knot. Some will say coincidence; others will insist that I was able to ensure that we got married on that date. But I believe it was a promise from God, or a prophecy.

Several weeks ago I had a similar experience when I thought of the date that this baby would be born. I am hoping and praying that it is another word from God. If not, then we'll be having dinner with my best friend and her husband instead, so I won't be sat around feeling sorry for myself.

Egg timer
Counting down the days
The date I was given would be a few days before my due date, which would be amazing.

And it would mean no more scans and no Consultant appointment!

Coincidentally, I was on the hunt for prayers for safety in childbirth and I came across a Novena to the Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers, St Gerard Majella.

In reading the information, I discovered that the particular Novena I had found is meant to be said over the 9 days preceding his Feast Day. And his Feast Day is the day after the date I was given, so the Novena finishes on my hoped for labour day.

Really praying that this baby decides to come then!

I saw my midwife this week.

All is still well, other than the polyhydramnios.

And baby was 2/5 engaged, which explains why I've started to walk like John Wayne!

I know that 2nd/3rd/4th/etc. babies don't always remain engaged like first babies tend to. M was up and down like crazy. But I feel hopeful, and my bump has dropped.

I'm bouncing on my birthing ball as much as possible, and getting the spicy food in.

But, as my midwife wrote in my notes, I'm "awaiting events."

And while I'm waiting, I'm trying to organise fun things to do so that I don't get too disappointed if this baby decides to be more like B and keeps me holding on for a few more weeks.

Pumpkin 39 weeks pregnant
Baby is the size of a small pumpkin
Statistics from the last 2 Weeks
Average after meal sugars: 5.4 mmol/L
Average fasting sugars: 4.3 mmol/L
Weight:  -1 lb

Catch up: 38 Weeks


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