Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Siblings - April 2015

dear beautiful

The past month has seen M make some big leaps in development, which in turn has deepened the relationship between her and B. M has started to say a few more words, and her pronunciation of "B" has become quite clear. It's a joy to hear her shout it out frequently through the day. Her little face lights up whenever her big sister walks into the room, and cuddles are no longer initiated only by B; M has become a big hugger and loves to snuggle with B. It's incredibly cute!


There is a huge amount of laughter now. So much that B does makes M laugh hysterically. It's very difficult not to join in. And M is beginning to work out how to make other people laugh. We're sure she's the funniest person we've met, and B certainly thinks so too. They play together as well. I sometimes find them sat quietly together, both interested in what the other is up to, happily sharing a toy like the dolls' house or the building blocks. Of course, more often there are shouts and tears of frustration when one or the other has snatched a toy away, but B is learning to offer trades of more interesting toys in order to get hers back. M, understandably, thinks that anything B is playing with must be super amazing and so she wants it. There are brilliant games of chasethat go on too. I hear the thud of their feet running from one room to another, with screams of excitement and laughter as they catch each other. My heart is in my mouth when I hear them running on the upstairs landing - neither seem to have any fear!
Both girls help each other too. B cleans M's face and hands after meals; M fetches B's shoes for her when it's time to go out. It really is beautiful to see how much they love each other. I pray they always will.

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  1. Aww how sweet! They sound like they're fast becoming the very best of friends!