Wednesday, 29 April 2015

52 Weeks of Memories | 17: Colour

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories

Organic Vegetables

My favourite colour is green. It's calming, it's fresh, and it's peaceful. I wore green shoes at our wedding. And our organic veg box this week was full of vibrant green produce, just begging to be turned into nutritious and tasty meals. So far we've had leek and potato soup, and I used half the asparagus in a risotto, while the rest was steamed and buttered to go with pork in a creamy mushroom sauce. It's been good to see both girls get their appetites back. And even better to see B choose to try a vegetable, and like it! Though I think her interest was piqued when she heard that it might turn her wee bright green!

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