Thursday, 30 April 2015

Me and Mine 2015 - April

 dear beautiful me and mine

Here we are. Snuggled up on the settee, with duvet and pillows, at 4 in the morning. April has been the month of illness, so this picture is perfect. B had tonsillitis and was needing some paracetamol. I was feeding M, so woke the Hubby to deal with B; he sat up and promptly fell off the bed, attracting M's interest! And when he and B left the bedroom to go downstairs, M went hysterical, so seeing as everyone was awake, and there was little chance of getting anyone back to sleep, we all bundled downstairs to watch a film.

My Thoughts on Things Family photo

M was poorly the week before - teething and whatever virus B didn't manage to fight off - so it's been a pretty sleepless month. But, hey, we're still smiling!

There have been good times too. We had a great Easter with my family, and saw them all again, a few days later, when my niece and her mum came to stay with my parents. It was so lovely to see B and M running around and playing with their cousin, and amusing to listen to B and S - only 2 weeks between them - each complaining about how the other wouldn't share. 

My Thoughts on Things Family Photo

I'm including this photo, because it's my extended Me and Mine - my parents, siblings and niece, all together for the first time in a very long time.

This month:

The Hubby has enjoyed...
Cuddles with the girls
The appearance of the sun
Seeing Easter through B's eyes
His new exercise regime
Having no back problems

I have enjoyed...
Seeing my niece
Getting out in the garden
Making a Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles Cake
Hearing all of M's new words
Discovering new a new (to us) National Trust location
B's drawings of us

B has enjoyed...
Egg and Spoon races over Easter
Eating chocolate star cereal
Gardening with Granddad
Painting a magical forest, a monkey and a butterfly 
Playing with her cousin
Reading Fantastic Mr Fox with Daddy

M has enjoyed...
Using a spoon
Watching The Gruffalo
Jumping on the trampoline 
Climbing things
Listening to our Colin Buchanan album

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