Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thankful Thursday - My Husband

When I think back to the days when I had convinced myself that I would never get married or have children I can't believe how far from that I've come. That crisp, winter morning in 2007 when I was walking to church, praying, and telling God that if He was ever going to let me get married, I'd like it to be on a day like that was, seems like such a long time ago. But His promise that day still burns bright in my mind. I was given my wedding date. In full. I claimed the promise and - Lo! - I got married on that day. So this week, I want to thank God for my husband. Long awaited and very much appreciated.

Out for dinner for our 5th Wedding Anniversary in December
The Hubby is pretty much everything I asked God for - and I was very specific! I wrote a list of exactly what I was after and prayed into it frequently. It wasn't my own super mind that came up with that idea - I read about Billy Graham's wife doing the same thing when she was contemplating marriage. I'm not only grateful that God brought me a husband, but that He brought me the one who fulfilled my requirements, and had clearly been preparing us for each other long before we ever met.

Here are ten things about my husband that I am super grateful for:
- He does his equal share of housework.
- He goes out (or up to his office) to work everyday, and works really hard, so that I can stay at home with our children.
- He makes me laugh.
- He makes a fantastic steak sandwich.
- He loves God.
- He has supported my Catholic faith and constantly strives to find out more about Catholicism.
- He is my greatest supporter and encourager, always believing in my ability and expressing his pride in me.
- He thinks I'm beautiful and tells me often.
- He often gets up with the kids and lets me have a bit of sleep.
- He changes all the nappies at weekends and on holidays.

The love of husband and wife is the force that welds society together. - St. John Chrysostom

Who are you grateful for this week?


  1. He sounds great! I also feel very lucky to have my husband too, who I met through church many years ago x

  2. He sounds awesome - happy anniversary :)