Saturday, 10 January 2015

52 Weeks of Memories | 1: Summer

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories
This year I'm joining in with 52 Weeks of Memories, hosted by Finding Myself Young.
Week 1 - Summer
In the bleakness of January, summer seems a long way off. But the snowdrops have sprouted. "Aslan is on the move!" Winter isn't without end. The sun will return.
I spotted these snowdrops bursting through the undergrowth on a walk around the grounds of Belton House today. Not the best photograph though, unfortunately.

I love the winter, crisp and cold, filled with opportunities for snuggling, and permission to eat comforting foods. But the thought of being able to picnic, go without coats and socks, snack lazily on summer fruits in the sunshine, fill me with a sense of yearning. I don't look forward to overheating, but I do look forward to the happiness of extended daylight! So, as the days start to get longer, this week is about remembering past summers and anticipating the coming sun; about dreaming of getting up in the light and being able to eat tea outside; about planning days out and not worrying (too much!) about the children freezing into misery.