Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mamatography 32: Siblings - August

dear beautiful

Sometimes I try to set up lovely photos of these two, and the pictures I get are never as lovely as the natural ones, the pictures of their spontaneous love for each other. B loves to kiss and stroke and cuddle M. M doesn't seem phased by it! 
M has entered a screeching phase. Her high pitched screams make my ears ring. She's learnt it from B though. The pair of them enjoy sitting at the kitchen table, screaming and laughing at each other. The hubby and I don't enjoy it quite so much, though the glee on their faces is a little infectious!
B is getting used to M's mobile status. She's not entirely happy that her little sister can get to her toys with much greater ease, but she does like the fact that M shuffles around to look for her and they both grin when she is found. M misses B when she's not around, and will nurse more because she doesn't have her big sister to watch and be entertained by. 
They are lovely together and I so enjoy seeing them become better friends each day. 


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  1. I love your photos and I couldn't agree more that the images we capture spontaneously are so much better than any 'staged' photo!