Saturday, 9 August 2014

Mamatography 31 - Keeping Up with The Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is back. We love it in our house. And this year I have set myself the challenge to keep up with the Bake Off. Every week I'm going to try to make each of the items the contestants have made. It will force me to learn some new baking skills, but I'm also using it as an opportunity to do something fun with B. 
First out of the oven is Mary Berry's Cherry Cake. It gave me the chance to use the bundt tin I got for Christmas. B loved making this cake - I got her to chop all the cherries herself, with a sharp(ish!) knife, and she did a surprisingly awesome job. I was so impressed. She helped to operate the electric mixer too, which heretofore she has been afraid of, and she did the decoration. M was meant to be having a nap, but wasn't interested, so we gave her a mixing bowl and a tiny wooden spoon, which kept her occupied for ages. 
For our first attempt, I think we did pretty well, though it was a little dry. Very tasty though. 
Next up are Swiss Roll and some individual cakes. 


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