Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mamatography 21 - Me and Mine May

dear beautiful
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The first of our monthly family photo comes from the middle of the month. M likes to have her tongue stuck out all the time, so in a bid to make her look less unusual, we all stuck our tongues out!

Then at the end of the month we went for a fun photo booth shoot. Not the easiest of adventures, but fun!

This month:

The hubby has enjoyed...
Bathing the girls by himself
Knowing that the job and team he is in at the moment are the right ones. 
Celebrity mean tweets
Watching Brave with B

I've enjoyed...
Seeing my best friend
Ripper Street
Making cakes in preparation for M's baptism
Having some time to read

B has enjoyed...
One to one time with Daddy
The new soft play centre
Using her duck umbrella in the rain

M has enjoyed...
Flat peaches
Drinking water
Having a bit of a relief from teething now that her first two teeth are through
Laughing at Bea jumping

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  1. Hahaha. Loving the tongue sticking our photo! My little girl is going through a similar sticking out her tongue stage, so we might have to steal your idea. x

    1. :) B constantly tells her to "put that tongue away!"

  2. I love the photo booth shots - what a great idea for a me and mine shot, and the sticky out tongue picture is just hilarious. There's so much joy and so much personality in your shots, it's lovely to see!

  3. Ace pics! You look like you have a great laugh together :)

  4. Lovely - my boy went through the tongue out phase too. Oh and yay for first teeth!