Friday, 16 May 2014

Mamatography 19 - 6 Months On

M is 6 months old today. The time has flown by. She's a delight and we all love her a lot. She has been breastfeed with the aid of donor milk and some formula administered with a supplemental nursing system. She cut her first tooth yesterday and has been on solids for nearly three weeks. And only a few of the fears I had about caring for two children have been realised, though being a mother of two really is a whole different ball game!

Here's what I have learned over the past 6 months:

  • It is possible to love two children equally without your love for the first diminishing at all. In fact, it might just be the case that your love for the first grows with the addition of the second. 
  • The days are longer with two children to care for, but the months go by so much quicker.
  • Two children means more than twice the work involved with one. 
  • A successful day can be measured by everyone being dressed, fed and still alive at the end of the day. Smiles all around are a bonus. 
  • There is a huge amount of delight to be derived from watching your older child kiss/stroke/talk to/sing for/entertain their younger sibling. 
  • Solids are more fun second time around. 
  • There is so much less to worry about, or perhaps less time to worry. 
  • It's ok if your baby wears a sleep suit every day. 
  • Someone will always do/need a poo just as you want to leave the house. 
  • Life as a family of four is much more fun than it was as a family of three, but you'll find yourself saying the strangest things. 

What have you learned since the birth of your most recent child?

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