Friday, 28 February 2014

Mamatography 8 - Me and Mine February

dear beautiful
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Sadly, due to a very busy month at work we haven't managed to get the hubby in our group photo, so you only get us three girlies. You can tell he's been doing lots of work by my crazy, tired eyes and unwashed hair!

This month:

The hubby has enjoyed...
Rewatching the West Wing during his downtime
His new leather credit card holder
Coconutty Granola from I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson 

I have enjoyed...
Taking part in the 100 Happy Days challenge - it's forced me to find one thing in each day that's made me smile
Watching Inside No.9 on iplayer - hilarious and horrific at the same time
Being able to wear M in the Mei Tai 
Squirting breast milk in B's eye to cure conjunctivitis

B has enjoyed...
Dora the Explorer
Reading all her Julia Donaldson books
Playing with a jar of pennies

M has enjoyed...
Rolling over. And over and over
Being awake in the middle of the night
Looking in the mirror
Kicking her legs

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  1. I'm glad you joined in even though your husband wasn't able to be in the photo.
    You and B are so alike :-) x

    1. It's funny, for a long time she looked nothing like me, and I still see more of daddy in her, but definitely the same smile :) She has so many of my mannerisms though, which is terrifying!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been busy doing lots of solo parenting, it's such hard work at times. But a cute photo of you nonetheless. We've been enjoying Inside No9 too; it's so dark and funny. x

    1. Really need to catch up on it - children are no good for having a tv viewing schedule!

  3. Ah I think it's great to have scattered this busy time, work does get in the way sometimes doesn't it?! Look at that gorgeous smile too! xx

  4. She does have a gorgeous smile! And lives up to her name which means 'Bringer of joy'

  5. Lovely to see the 3 of you still taking part. x