Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thankful Thursday - Mum's the Word!

This week I am super grateful for my Mum. The hubby was away for one night, and Mum came to stay over to keep me company and keep me sane. She took us out to Ikea too - always good for a fun day out. But there's so much more about my mum that makes me want to thank her.

When B was born, Mum was there, looking after the hubby and me. She was a huge help during labour. Our antenatal teacher told us that evidence points towards labour and birth being easier if there is a third person with you who is a woman who has herself given birth. Immediately I knew I had to have Mum there - she's had four babies herself and she's feisty. If she was with us, we would be well supported and well protected. From the moment we got to the hospital, Mum was excellent. She kept the hubby fed and watered; she cleaned me up; she held the sick bowl. And she stayed down the business end whilst the hubby kept me focused by repeating my Natal Hypnotherapy mantras, so she was the first to spot B's arrival. Once B was born, Mum helped me to get her latched on, and then whilst the hubby had his first skin-to-skin time, she accompanied me to the shower. She saw a lot more of me that day than she'd seen in quite some time!

Before B and I came home, Mum tidied up the house and when we arrived back she presented me with a brie and bacon baguette. She visited almost daily to encourage and assist me with breastfeeding, and when we were back in hospital because of B's dehydration, she visited us there too. And when we were back home again she came to stay for a few days to look after us.

Since then Mum has continued to look after us, either by having us over to stay when the hubby was away on business, or coming to stay at ours, or just visiting and taking us out for the day. Whenever she's here she tidies and cleans and simply helps with keeping our home habitable! She rings me up to check how we're doing, and she encourages me when I'm finding life as a mummy difficult. She knows how tough and lonely it can be to be at home alone with a baby when you're living somewhere where you don't know many people and have no close friends around.

So, today I want to publicly thank my Mum for being super!

Who are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Thank you! That's lovely. It's my privilege!