Friday, 7 September 2012

The Biggest Bed In The World by Lindsay Camp

The Biggest Bed in the WorldFor her birthday, B received many books. I am pleased - I'm an English teacher, remember - though I will have to start moving some of mine to our bedroom shelves to make room for hers in the lounge!
One of the best she got given was 'The Biggest Bed In The World' by Lindsay Camp and brilliantly illustrated by Jonathan Langley. If ever there was a story that supported our parenting choices, this is it. After seeing so many children's books where babies sleep alone in cots and drink from bottles, it was a pleasant surprise to see a picture of the mum breastfeeding her baby, and that co-sleeping was the premise of the book.
I was slightly discouraged when the dad made a fuss about the sleeping arrangements; such a stereotype, I thought. But, without ruining the story, I can tell you that I was very pleased by what I consider to be a happy ending!
I think this might become our family's biography.

What children's books have you discovered that support your parenting choices?

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