Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Me and Mine - August 2016

The Me and Mine Project

This is likely our penultimate Family Portrait before we become a family of five, and here we are with our best friends. 

Yes, that's right, we couldn't get ourselves organised to do a photo of just the four of us, which doesn't bode well for when we increase! 
But, times with these guys are some of our happiest, and we consider them to be family. We're godparents to each others children.

This month has seen me turn 33 and B turn 5. How have I been a mother for five years? M has had chicken pox, which put a dampener on B's birthday celebrations, but we're going to make up for that with a postponed birthday party. The girls took a trip down south to visit their cousin, which they haven't stopped talking about since. B spent a week at Theatre Bugs and played a grumpy goblin in their show. She was brilliant! M decided she didn't want to wear nappies anymore, and took to using the toilet with remarkable ease. Only 4 accidents since the middle of August! The Hubby has done amazingly with his running, getting up early, and dropping a trouser size. I've been trying to get organised before the baby comes, including buying all our Christmas presents so that we don't have to worry about that in December. We'll wrap them in September. 

This month...

The Hubby has enjoyed:
Finishing his Couch to 5K
The sun and getting some vitamin D
The NCT Dads' Meet
Meeting new people on our NCT Refresher Course
Eating at Smoke Shack and feeling so full he thought he would die!

I have enjoyed:
Seeing M toilet train herself
A trip to Mountfitchet Castle on my birthday
Seeing my best friend 
The apology from the hospital in response to my complaint 
Feeling the baby move
Watching B's holiday club performance 
An evening in London to see my dear friend's amazing show

B has enjoyed:
A week at Theatre Bugs 
Getting glasses
Turning 5
All her birthday presents and cards
Visiting her cousin
Watching 'Peg + Cat' on Netflix 

M has enjoyed:
Wearing big girl knickers
An afternoon at Theatre Bugs with Grandma 
Visiting her cousin
Playing on the water slide at her friend's house
Drawing around her hand
Watching 'Sid the Science Kid' on Netflix 

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