Sunday, 31 July 2016

Me and Mine - July 2016

The Me and Mine Project

July has disappeared so quickly. I honestly don't know how we've gone from June to it being August tomorrow. Perhaps the realisation that we have only 3 months before the baby arrives, with a to-do list that is growing longer, has made time speed up. Everything always goes quicker when you have lots to do.

It's funny to think that we probably only have two more Me and Mine shots before our family increases to five.

This month we've celebrated the Hubby's birthday with a trip to the National Space Centre; had a weekend at the seaside; watched B play a crab in her end of term Theatre Bugs show; had the bizarrest trip to Ikea where I had a photoshoot with my prize-winning photo; survived the overwhelming heat; and met some new neighbours.

This month...

The Hubby has enjoyed:
The sun
Laughing with the kids
The National Space Centre
Going to the beach
Feeling the baby move 

I have enjoyed:
Meeting new neighbours
Starting a stash of donor milk for the baby
Seeing my dad recovering after his hip replacement
Swimming in the sea
B's performance
Discovering that mini milks only have 5.1g carbohydrate per lolly

B has enjoyed:
Getting her second stripe at Jiu Jitsu
Playing policemen and creating wanted posters
Painting with watercolours
Swimming in the sea
Her Theatre Bugs performance 
Watching Peg + Cat

M has enjoyed:
Drawing around her hand
Drawing grumpy faces
Painting with watercolours 
Emptying the dishwasher
Watching Sid the Science Kid
Taking photos with my phone

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