Wednesday, 8 June 2016

21 Weeks - Low Carb Recipe Round Up

It is a truth universally acknowledged (to steal a quote from Jane Austen) that your children will always find a way to make you look like a liar!

Man bouncing on trampoline
Baby's on the move
Last week I was bemoaning the fact that I had felt very little movement, but within an hour of publishing the post, baby no. 3 was jumping around like a lunatic. 

Typical! But reassuring. 

I saw my midwife this week. We discussed the letter I had received from the consultant, and she read my response as she hadn't received hers yet. She and her student midwife were quite shocked by the contents of the letter. 

I am yet to receive a reply from the consultant. If it takes too long, I'll be contacting Birthrights again for further advice. I'll keep you updated.
We heard the baby's heartbeat again, which is always magical. 

And discovered that baby is currently transverse. 

I had a momentary panic, until I remembered that there is plenty of time for the little monkey nut to turn the right way. 

Wrong way sign
Baby is currently transverse
However, the birthing ball is now inflated and I'm doing my exercises on there, and hanging over it when we watch telly in the evening. It doesn't harm to start early!

I have to admit I'm not enjoying pregnancy much this time around. I feel like it's taking a really long time. I suspect part of it is down to not having an exciting list of things to sort out. After two children, we've got pretty much everything we need already.

And my bump isn't as cute to look at as it was when I was pregnant with M! I was looking forward to looking good in maternity wear again, but it's not happened yet.

We have our next scan coming up. It will be good to see the little monkey in there. We won't be finding out the gender - we like surprises. It's a good way of keeping other people interested though.

I promised you some decent recipes, so here is my low carb recipe round up:

Meatballs - The Hubby made these for us the other day. Really tasty, and a nice break from meat and salad. We served with a tomato sauce and steamed broccoli and asparagus. The Hubby and the girls had theirs with spaghetti too. We're going to make up a few batches for the freezer because they were such a successful meal.

Low Carb Bread - I really miss bread. It makes such quick meals. And sometimes I just want something to hold the pile of toppings. I found this recipe and made it immediately. I don't think I cooked my loaf for long enough, but when sliced thinly and toasted, it was really good.

Blueberry Cake - It was my brother's birthday, and I'm usually the one who provides birthday cakes. This time I made this almost sugar free one. A bit of an experiment because I didn't want to miss out on birthday cake. It was surprisingly good. The normal members of my family confirmed that it wasn't horrible, and I have to say that the flavour grew on me. I didn't have chocolate chips, so I grated a bar of dark chocolate, which I think helped to spread the chocolatey flavour throughout the cake. It also served nicely for breakfast with a bit of clotted cream.

Pancakes - I'd been looking for a low carb pancake recipe that didn't require whey protein or special baking mixes. This one fits the bill perfectly. Really easy to make, and using ingredients you can find easily. I replaced the ricotta with cottage cheese, and they were great. The girls enjoyed them too.

Baseball cap
Baby is apparently the size of a baseball cap
Pizza - This has been the miracle find. A pizza where the base is made from mozzarella cheese, instead of dough. All the flavour of pizza toppings, without the high carb count. I love a good pizza, and this is perfect.

Weekly Statistics
Average after meal sugars: 5mmol/L
Average fasting sugars: 5mmol/L - this crept up a bit this week, so I'm keepin a good eye on it. Fairly sure it's down to a few nights of very bad sleep. But I'm still below the maximum level.
Weight: -1 lb

Catch Up: 20 Weeks
Next: 22 Weeks


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