Wednesday, 1 June 2016

20 weeks - Just About Half Way

This hasn't been a pregnancy like my others.

Many of my symptoms have been different, feeling more like PMT than pregnancy. My wisdom teeth have been playing up; I've had headaches, and what feel like pre-menstrual cramps; and I've been grumpy.

Baby's movements are very faint, and very irregular. I've felt a bit disconcerted by this, as I feel sure that I was feeling more movements with the other two by this stage.

A little googling has calmed my fears somewhat, with many women on forums commenting that they felt their third baby's movements much later than other pregnancies. Probably something to do with decreased muscle tone.

I also discovered that first movements can be felt between 16 and 25 weeks, so, having felt some movements already, I'm well within that period. And I have a midwife appointment coming which will help to allay the worries.

I've had my usual cramp in the bum cheek though. And my stomach is growing. So I'm pretty sure I am pregnant and not just expecting a huge period!

Pregnant bump at 19 weeks plus 1 day
Bump - 19+1
I say my stomach is growing, but elsewhere I must be shrinking. I put my pre-pregnancy jeans on the other day. Jeans which a month ago required a belt extender. They did up normally, and were comfortable enough to wear for a whole day. Crazy, and quite thrilling at the same time.

It feels good to have a more obvious bump now. I no longer just look fat - it is quite clear that I'm pregnant.

The baby is currently the size of this cute axolotl
Another symptom I haven't suffered with previously is the feeling of having ridden a horse for an entire day after being kicked strenuously in the crotch. Pelvic Girdle Pain, I believe it's called. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse, and I'm on the hunt for tips and remedies.

A friend recommended Birthlight Yoga, and I'm really enjoying the routines I have on dvd, when I get the opportunity in the evenings. Some of the positions aren't advised if you have pelvic pain though, so I have to be careful.

On another note, for those who are following the debacle with the Consultant and his threatening letter, I have written and sent my complaint, copying in PALS, my GP, the Head of Midwifery, and my own midwife. I received some helpful advice from Birthrights, and was able to write a letter that I felt was fair but assertive. I'm debating whether to share the letter here, or whether just to include parts of it. I'll keep you updated on any response.

Statistics for the last fortnight
Average after meal sugars: 5mmol/L
Average fasting sugars: 4.7mmol/L
Weight: 0lbs

Catch Up: 18 Weeks
Next: 21 Weeks
Photo of Axolotl by Renato via:

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