Thursday, 14 April 2016

13 Weeks - Some News

We had our dating scan this week, so we're finally at the happily public stage of pregnancy. Baby 3 is due in October, despite the Hubby's Nan's admonition not to have any more October birthdays!

Symbol of pregnant woman
Artist's Representation of Me!

We found out I was pregnant in mid-February, amid a bit of a stressful time. A flash of joy to focus on.
It definitely explained the pure exhaustion I was feeling; I was unable to stay awake past 8:30 in the evening. And I longed for the days of my first pregnancy, when I had only myself to look after during the day, napping when I pleased, and having the Hubby cook in the evenings. How long ago that seems!

Smiling man with positive pregnancy test
Look at that face.

The pregnancy test put me at 1-2 weeks pregnant, though it wasn't my first wee of the morning, and going by this week's dating scan, I was apparently at 5 weeks then. Admittedly, I'm pretty sure those dating scans always put us further along than we are, as I chart my cycles using the symptothermal method, and in both my previous pregnancies my dates were never as far along as the scans put me. Perhaps it's in hopes that they can make sure no baby goes too far overdue! And looking at my charts, there's no physical way I can be 13 weeks already, if you know what I mean. However, until I can argue it out with the midwife, we'll stick with their EDD.

My nausea started about 2 weeks later. I had forgotten just how horrendous it is. I am fortunate not to actually vomit when suffering from pregnancy nausea, but feeling sick constantly is so debilitating. And having two children to look after at the same time is tough. We have watched a lot of films over the past 6 weeks, and if my other pregnancies are anything to go by, I've got at least another 2 weeks to go before I start to feel the second trimester vigour. For now, I am surviving by munching on a ginger biscuit first thing in the morning; sipping on water throughout the day; trying not to get too hungry; putting a film on for the girls when I reach wading-through-treacle tiredness; and really concentrating on my breathing. Nothing has made me feel less sick, but I am getting through each day. I feel worse when I haven't slept well. Oh, and the symptom I didn't suffer the last two times - burping. Constantly! I'm really unpleasant to be around! Some have suggested that this different symptom might be a sign we're having a boy this time, but my mum says she burped through all four of her pregnancies, and she had two of each. 

While we're on that subject, we do not care in the slightest whether this baby is a boy or a girl. Either will be perfect, and we already have name ideas for both. 

So, this is my pregnancy announcement. We are on our way to becoming a family of five. 

Apparently No.3 is currently the size of a clownfish.

Next week, I'll tell you about my Booking In appointment and the scan. I have read a good number of pregnancy blogs, but I haven't yet found one that has been totally relevant to me as a plus size lady, so I'm hoping that I can fill that gap a little, though don't expect me to be mainstream - I'm not one to be told what to do!

Moving On: 14 Weeks


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