Thursday, 31 March 2016

Me and Mine - March 2016

The Me and Mine Project

A super last-minute family photo this month. So last-minute, three quarters of us are in our pyjamas, and we all look exhausted! I don't know how we managed to get to 31st March without a single picture of the four of us. Looking through this month's photos, I've found plenty of group shots with friends and family, which at least shows we've been busy enjoying ourselves. There have been Mother's Day and Easter celebrations, jiu jitsu awards, a trip to London, and an inordinate number of birthday parties. B's reading is a constant source of amazement to me, and others who discover her burgeoning skill; M's speech is developing at a rate of knots, meaning she can now argue with the best of them! The Hubby has been working hard, as usual, and still finding time to look after us all well. 

This month...

The Hubby has enjoyed:
Making a Victoria sponge with B
His dad's birthday 
A day in Cambridge 
Celebrating a Passover meal during Holy Week
Watching House

I have enjoyed:
Watching Untouchable
Mary Berry's Easter Feast
Time spent with family and friends 

B has enjoyed:
Winning worker-of-the-week at jiu jitsu
Watching The Miracle Maker
Making chocolate rice crispy cakes
Wearing her Merida dress nearly every day

M has enjoyed:
Undoing buttons
Sneakily eating chocolate eggs and Easter cakes
Making her Easter bonnet
Making a bead bracelet 
Face swap photos with Daddy

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