Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December 2nd - I Am Special

Genesis 1:26 - Genesis 2:25

Today we found out about Adam and Eve, and how God made people. I tried to explain to B that she is special because God made her and loves her. She was more interested in the fact that they were naked though!

Last year we put all of our handprints on a canvas and we thought it would be nice to make a tradition out of it, so we did it again. I thought getting M's handprint was tough last year - this year was harder! She just wanted to squeeze the paint. B really enjoyed this activity - she found it difficult to wait for the hubby's and my handprints to dry so that she could do hers. I think it's such a lovely reminder of how precious our family is.

annual family handprints canvas

paper plate craft Genesis 1:27Our paper plate craft today was drawing a face. B's looks remarkably recognisable, though that could be down to my addition of neck and shoulders, on her request! Hopefully, we'll be able to string these paper plate crafts across the room as B's own Jesse Tree ornaments.

pizza face Genesis 1:27pizza face Genesis 1:27We revisited last year's pizza faces too. B made one for her and one for M, and she enjoyed it even more than last year. The faces looked a lot more like faces too. This is a great activity for getting kids to eat - B even tried the bits she put on the pizza that she doesn't normally like.

At 3 years old, B still has awesome belief in herself, the knowledge that she is loved and special. I pray that we will be able to continue fostering that belief in her, and in M, and that they will both grow up so sure of their self-worth and importance. 
I wish I could return to the innocence of her age; to loving myself so wholly; to laughing at wobbly bits and being excited about what my body can do; to not caring what others think of me; to laughing and singing and not worrying that my voice isn't great or that what I'm saying is nonsensical. Small children are incredibly blessed!

What makes you special?

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