Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mamatography 17 - Me and Mine April

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Where has this month gone? We've been so busy, I almost forgot about Me and Mine, so here is our last minute family photo, taken in bed at 6:50 this morning!

This month:

The hubby has enjoyed...
Our day out at Stanwick Lakes
Having conversations with B
Engaging more with M
Eating together as a family since M started baby led weaning
Starting to get the house sorted by using Habithackers

I have enjoyed...
Watching The Crimson Field
Settling into a gentle routine that works for both girls
Green smoothies
More time with the hubby in the evenings
Some extra sleep in the mornings when the hubby takes M downstairs for a bit

B has enjoyed...
Watching Frozen and listening to the soundtrack
Eating chocolate
Spending a day with Nannie and Grandpa
Getting wet at Stanwick Lakes

M has enjoyed...
The Jumperoo
Starting Baby Led Weaning in the last couple of days
Playing with Daddy first thing in the morning
Learning to sit up

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  1. I love this photo! So colorful and I always love snapshots of the whole family together!